Evergreen breaks down academic barriers so you can layer your interests and earn a degree that reflects your passions.

At Evergreen, experience the kind of exceptional interdisciplinary education that prepares you to thrive as an independent, innovative leader. Learn what to expect from Our Learning Approach.

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Undergraduate Studies

Choose from programs and courses in 45 fields of study that capture real-world complexities. From food justice to microbiology, gender studies to government, you’ll uncover surprising connections and compelling new insights.

You can build your own Path to achieve your degree, or follow one of our 11 pre-built Paths. Whichever you choose, you’ll learn to collaborate, analyze and innovate as you tackle fresh challenges.

Explore Undergraduate Studies

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Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

Build your own Path to achieve your degree, or follow one of our 11 pre-built Paths. Whichever you choose, you'll learn to collaborate, analyze and innovate as you tackle fresh challenges. 

Interdisciplinary Education in the Arts and Sciences

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Liberal Studies at Tacoma

Located in Tacoma’s historically Black Hilltop neighborhood, this small but mighty liberal arts program offers flexibility, convenience and rigor for diverse adult learners. 

Evergreen Tacoma

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Native Pathways Program

Engaged within Tribal communities, this program applies an Indigenous lens to fields such as history, political science, cultural studies, and humanities focusing on the development of critical thinking, research, and writing skills.

Native Pathways Program

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Professional and Continuing Education

Break into your next career path or explore a new field of interest with our Professional and Continuing Education programs. You’ll exchange ideas, build skills and practice real-life applications with other motivated students. By earning a certificate on campus, online, or through our hybrid format, you can make time for your career and an education. 

More About Continuing Education

Graduate Studies

Grounded in a community of independent thinkers and change makers, our three graduate programs emphasize social justice, community, and stewardship.

Learn more about Graduate Studies

Master in Teaching

Learn how to build a classroom of joy and justice. With unparalleled mentorship from faculty and community members, this full-time program prepares you to unleash young learners’ potential. Choose from two pathways: English Language Learner Integration or Community Teaching.

Master of Public Administration

Want to make the world a better place? This program emphasizes social change and democratic governance. Choose from specialties in three areas: tribal governance, public and nonprofit administration, or public policy. Evening and weekend classes are ideal for busy adult learners.

Master of Environmental Studies

This interdisciplinary degree prepares you for the complexities and challenges of environmental work. Situated on Puget Sound and minutes from the Washington state capitol, you’ll pursue hands-on environmental projects, policy research, and analysis with real-world impact.

"I’m focusing on rural health care, which I never thought I was going to be doing. I transferred here to do environmental science from a pre-nursing program. Then that led me to science education, which led me to health science education, which is how I found public health. Which is actually just environmental science, plus nursing, plus health education. So I could do it all as one thing.”

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Maria Miller

Other Academic Opportunities

Centers and Institutes

Community-based volunteer opportunities. Beekeeping and gardening in prisons. Put your passions into action as you connect with the wider world through Evergreen’s centers and institutes.

Study Abroad

Many programs include study abroad to put a global lens on learning. From Mexico to Morocco, explore the world and pursue your passion to understand history, health, language, politics, climate change, and beyond.

Individual Study

Learn without limits. Ready to take on advanced studies? Chart your own course with an Independent Learning Contract. Or, earn credit for the practical, hands-on experience you gain in an internship.

Labs and Studios

From 3-D animation to wood carving, multimedia production to fiber weaving, we offer state-of-the-art laboratories and studios to support your inquiries outside of a traditional classroom.